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Suilad, mellon!

Mellonath Daeron is the language guild of Forodrim, both founded in 1972. We study the languages created by Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, in particular Quenya and Sindarin, and the writing systems known as tengwar and cirth. A few results of our efforts are available on these pages.

One of our efforts is to compile indexes of all samples of tengwar and cirth written by Tolkien: the DTS and the DCS (the Mellonath Daeron Tengwar / Cirth Specimina). We do this to help all who want to study these writing systems. If you know of any published script sample by Tolkien which is not in these indexes, please let us know.

An example of the High-elven language

Cormar nelde Eldatárin nu Tarmenel,
Otso Herunaucoin hrótassen ondova,
Nerte Fírimoin martaine nurunen,
Er i More Herun mormahalmas hárala
Morinóreva mí arda, már i fuinion.
Er Corma ilyar turien ar tuvien te,
Er Corma tucien ar mórisse nutien te
Morinóreva mí arda, már i fuinion.

Writing or translating poetry in Elvish is an interesting and challenging exercise. This is the famous ring-verse translated into Quenya by Findegil / Björn Fromén, co-founder of the Mellonath Daeron and pioneer Quenya expert. See a full analysis of this poem. For more translations and original works by our members, see the sections entitled Publications and Translations and Poems.

Our activity has been described as the ultimate luxury. We study something that does not exist, just for fun. This is something you can afford when you have everything else; food, shelter, clothes, friends, and so on. The Tolkien languages are well worth studying for their high aesthetic values alone. And knowledge of the languages is a key to a fuller appreciation of the beauty of Tolkien's sub-creation, his world, Arda.

Mail to the Mellonath Daeron: h e l l o - d a e r o n @ d a e r o n . f o r o d r i m . o r g.
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