A web-based discussion forum about Tolkien's languages
"Of the Tongues of Arda", Helge Kåre Fauskanger's site covering all of Tolkien's languages, with history, grammars and examples. Here can also be found Fauskanger's Quenya wordlists, a reverse index to "The Etymologies", and more.
The home page of the Tolkien linguistics journal Parma Eldalamberon.
A vast database of wordlists of Tolkien's languages by Paul Strack, enabling detailed searches based on parameters such as time-period, part of speech and type of inflection.
The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, a Special Interest Group of The Mythopoeic Society.
E.L.F. Errata
An updated list of corrections to the publications of the E.L.F., Vinyar Tengwar and Parma Eldalamberon.
G+ LoME Archive
An archive of the posts in the discontinued Google+ forum “Languages of Middle-earth”.
Glǽmscrafu - Tolkien's linguistic cellar
A vast collection of audio recordings with texts in Tolkien's languages, as well as useful texts in various dead languages. Also includes snippets of Tolkien himself pronouncing invented names and words.
"Fellowship of the Word-smiths"; contains a wealth of information about news in Tolkienian linguistics, as well as new compositions, calligraphy, and much more. Probably the most extensive information about non-English in Peter Jackson's movie adaptions can also be found here.
An extensive online Sindarin dictionary, also available for downloading in PDF and XML format.
Biannual conferences on J.R.R. Tolkien's Invented Languages.
Ostadan's Lore & Letters
Contains some nice articles of linguistic interest. Most material is in Adobe Acrobat format.
Parf Edhellen ~ Parma Eldaliéva
A dictionary and search engine for all the major Elvish wordlists available online.
Resources for Tolkienian Linguistics
A comprehensive list of reliable sources by Carl Hostetter.
Search TolkLang, Elfling and Lambengolmor
An archive and search engine of three popular mailing lists about Tolkien's Languages, which are now sadly discontinued.
Online linguistic journal with the goal "to explore all aspects of Tolkien's art-languages, through all the shifting course of Tolkien's lifelong conceptualization and presentation of them, and through all the stages of historical development that Tolkien created for them."
Tolkiendil - Langues
Articles in French (original and translated) about the languages and scripts.
TolkLang Archives
Home page of the moderated mailing list, also has a collection of good articles, poems and much more.

Scripts and fonts

Amanye Tenceli
Guild member Måns Berg's treatises on the writing systems of Aman including the tengwar, and the little-known sarati.

Mellonath Daeron mirrors

Italian mirror


The Arda society, publishing Arda, the annual for Arda research.
A Chronological Bibliography of the Writings of J.R.R. Tolkien
A detailed bibliography compiled by Guild member Arawn, Åke Bertenstam
Lalaith's Middle-earth Science Pages
Contains some linguistic material.