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The Tolkien Society Forodrim was founded in 1972 and has today quite a few members. The society is based in Stockholm, but has members all over the country.

Forodrim offers a place for fans of J. R. R. Tolkien to gather and discuss his works. The society has meetings about ten times a year, and beyond that the members often meet in smaller groups with particular interest in for instance the languages Tolkien created forThe Lord of the Rings.

Forodrim is an association that appreciates intercourse and fellowship, and therefore has a number of activities beside the literary gatherings. Within the society, the members can choose to participate in various guilds, smaller groups that devote themselves to, for example, dancing, singing and music. The guild activities reflect the broad interests of the members in everything from other fantasy literature to sewing and outdoor life.

The society has a minimum age limit of 16 years.

For more information, contact the Foreign Chancellor at e-mail: [email protected]

Tolkiensällskapet Forodrim
Norra Agnegatan 45